Renegades are base out of the Sylmar CA. (Los Angeles area), this team has been making some major noise lately, losing the Classico at the buzzer on a hail Mary shot seem to upset them.  They followed that by taking the Memorial, taking the LBA League, no easy task, and losing in the final in Vegas, those are all high statements.

With Kelvin and his headband wearing bro Ervin knocking down 3pts, they're deep at every position, which makes them a tough win, they don't lose much when they sub in a player.  The key here is their point guard, the ball goes through him, he does a great job of running the team, always poised and in control of the ball game, with big Luis in the middle, Juan going to the rack and Chris running the show, they'll hurt you in a different ways.   In the post, bombing 3s or going to the rack. a complete team that will be a force for time to come.


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6/15/2011 - 6/16/2011

Isaac - Brolic - 46 pts

Brandon - Bang Time - 42 pts

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