Entourage is base out of Alhambra CA. (Los Angeles area), this team is manage by Zo, an old school baller from Granada Park.  In the middle, they have big Will & Robbie, at the 4, they have the Pelican (John), 24/7 hustler. Then you have the Juan brothers at the guards position with 3pt shooting Ricky and Kiko, an explosives guard that can go to the rack at will.  No question Entourage open team is a bigger threat, with Ty G, Geo, Tree B, Brenden H and Dae H, those fellas make Entourage a bigger threat. . Once they get back a healthy James H and Randy C. they should be a stronger Latino team and Zo won't have to use filler players.  When ELA don't compete, Entourage gets the talents of big Drew, a whole different ball club with Drew on the floor, on occasion, Entourage also has Abel from (SM) to fill in, that man is a beast, a great replacement for a retired Anthony H.

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6/15/2011 - 6/16/2011

Isaac - Brolic - 46 pts

Brandon - Bang Time - 42 pts

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