Sin Miedo, base out of ELA, Is lead by The Warden (Eddie) and Mario, no question the game goes through Steve, the circuits top scorer, this guy can shoot the lights out, doesn't matter if your in his face, it's going in, not too mention his ball handling skills, he will cross you over at any moment.  Throw in the hustle play of Abel and the 3pt shooting of Geo and with C-los and Huero's big body in the middle.  Sin Miedo has been one of the circuits top teams for years now, and they always seem to be right there in the end when it's all said and done.  Losing Joe veteran leadership to an injury hurt them, but little bro CJ is not a bad replacement.

Sin Miedo has taken the the buck of the ships, if if they lose, it's not for the lack of effort.





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Isaac - Brolic - 46 pts

Brandon - Bang Time - 42 pts

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